Deep Heat Rub Plus

Deep Heat Rub Plus is an anti-inflammatory & pain relieving medication with active ingredients that penetrate deeply through skin to relieve pain.
Muscular Pain , Back Pain , Joint Pain , Stiff Shoulders , Muscular fatigue , Neuralgia , Bruises , Sprains ,Stiff muscle & Rheumatism
Do not apply to areas around the eyes & mucous membranes, eczema , infected skin or open wounds.
Active Ingredients
Methyl Salicylate , L-Menthol , Eucalyptus Oil , Turpentine Oil
Other Ingredients
Leavender Oil,Self-emulsifying Glyceryl Monostearate, Sodium Cetylsulfate, Light Liquid Paraffin,Polyoxyethylene Arachyl Ether-Stearyl Alcohol Mixture,Purified Water
Apply Deep Heat Rub Plus to painful areas & massage gently For external use only