Oxy Deep Wash

Bamboo Charcoal With Super-spongy Structure Absorbs Excessive Oil & Dirt Deep In Skin Pores , Controls Oil Longer.

Rice Husk Charcoal Optimally Cleanses Skin By Absorbing All Types Of Impurity .
Deep Cleansing Power From Millions Of Charcoal Particle Clean Extreme & Possess Smooth Skin .

Vitamin B3 & Algae Extract Balance Moisture For Smooth & Bright Skin .
For Normal , Oily , Rough & Dull Skin

Charcoal powder (Bamboo Charcoal) , Carbon (Rice Husk Charcoal) , Algae Extract , Niacinamide

Wet the skin, apply sufficient amount in palm. Lather
product & massage onto skin. Rinse thoroughly with water.

50g , 100g

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