Rohto Japan Eye Care Center Soft Opening

The new Rohto Japan Ophthalmology Center opened on the morning of September 8 at the corner of 62nd Street and 102nd Street in Mandalay. Daw Sandar Shwe, Managing Director, Vice President Mr. Shinoda of the Rohto Mentholatum (Myanmar) Co.,Ltd, The hospital’s Chief Medical Superintendent, Dr. Thura Lin, and other officials, including actor Aung Min Khant, actor and model Sweet, cut the ribbon to open the hospital. At Rohto Japan Ophthalmology Center, doctors from both Myanmar and Japan cooperate with eye power examination, cataract surgery, Glaucoma screening, screening for retinal damage caused by diabetes, as well as other eye-related treatments, medications, and many other tests and treatments can be performed using complete eye testing equipment.