MECC Promotion

During the “Thadingyut” period, collaboration program of “528 Health, Beauty and Wellness and “Mandalar Eyecare Center” opened by Rohto Mentholatum Myanmar Company, a well-know Rotho Eye Drop manufacture in Myanmar.

  • Do you want to do eye check up for the parents in Thadingyut?
  • Do you want to check your eyes because there are so many screen time usage in Stay Home period?

At “528”, anyone who purchased 80000 kyats of medicine and various personal care items, receive a free “FREE EYE CHECK TICKET” at Mandalar Eyecare Center with modern equipment.

What to check with “FREE EYE CHECK TICKET”? The following test will be performed.

  1. Eye Power check for Optometrists.
  2. Eye examination with Auto Refractometer.
  3. Checking for Glaucoma with tonometer.

The Early Bird only 200 people will get the TICKET and place you order quickly.

All 528 customers can order by phone or Viber or messenger without having to go out.

For Customers who purchased over 30000 Kyats in Mandalay between 52nd Street and 90th Street and from the 12th Street to Thayawady MinGyi Street, there is a free delivery.

For customers from other cities, there is a plan to deliver through the care gate and delivery charge is FOC from shop to care gate for the customers who purchased over 30000 kyats.

The following shop can be available for those who want to come and buy.

  • 528 Branch (1), 30th street Between 56th and 57th Street, Mandalay. 09 969 528 528, 09 9510 15111.
  • 528 Branch (2), 83rd street Between 28th & 29th Street, Mandalay. 09954528528, 09951015222
  • 528 Branch (3), 29th street Between 72nd & 73rd Street, Mandalay. 09963333528, 09951015333
  • 528 Branch (4), 65th street Between 108th & 109th Street, Mandalay. 09 973 528528, 09951015444.