Rohto Online Beauty Clinic

Rohto Online Beauty Clinic, where you can ask beauty dermatologists about the difficulties of your face in facial skin beauty.

To participate in the Rohto Online Beauty Clinic program, you need to register. Just register through the link provided below.

Terms & Conditions
1) Forms that are not fully filled out at the time of registration will not be accepted
2) After filling out the registration form, you must come to the Each Brand Page Chat Box to say that the form has been uploaded
3) Register the Registration Form only once
4) Repeated registration forms will not be accepted
5) Only residents of Myanmar can participate

Registration forms will be accepted and answered according to the rules published by Rohto Myanmar.

Registration forms for the Rohto Online Beauty Clinic program will be accepted from 6.2.2023 (Monday) until 17.2.2023 (Friday), and the answers will reply as soon as possible through Dr. Kyi Ma Tun, an Aesthetic Dermatologist.